My challenge to you

I realize that with commutes, family, kids, constant email etc, it’s not always easy to take time for yourself in the morning. Not all of us can do the Winston Churchill Approach To Life, i.e. stay in bed.

But, I wonder: What could be different for you if your day had a nicer start? What are you not doing for yourself that would make you happy?

My challenge to you is to take a look at your morning routine, and do something that brings you pleasure or fuels you for the day. Anything that would add to your morning counts. Here are some suggestions (if you get stuck!):

1. Enjoy a lovely cup of coffee and read the newspaper for 20 minutes.

2. Make yourself a real breakfast every morning.

3. Get up and stretch for 15 minutes.

4. Do meditation or yoga.

5. Take some time to take a morning walk or run.

6. Sit by the window and just watch the sky.

7. Spend a few minutes reading and enjoying that book you’ve been putting off.

Anything that you think you’d love – the world is your oyster! And, if you want to bonus points (and to feel smug…you know you want to), then post in the comments and share what you are up to with us! What makes your morning routine special?

I will try and do this after the summer vacation, partly start with new morning routines.