Human rights…. (or know your rights)

The development in Egypt the last days har really made me think about the world as such and the basic human rights. During the last 5 months i have been studying swedish labor laws at the university at my free time. This together with my deep grown feeling for what is right and what is wrong makes me wonder, what are we going and what do we as human want to do with this world during our lifetime and for our children and their children. We who temporary live on this planet today, use it as we will be he forever. I can tell you that is it not so, we all have approx 75 years to enjoy this beutiful place then someone else shall enjoy it. Do we care? No! Why? I do not know. We use the planets resurces like it would end tomorrow.

We have this short time to enjoy each other and make the best out of it. Then – out of the blue –  it is all gone. Then we might wonder, Is this it? Will there not be anything else? Sad to say, this was it my friends. But if we all enjoy what we have, care for the one we love and the people next door and the once that we meet on the street and when we travel around on this beutiful planet. If we all care for each other and make sure we all have a great time during or short stay on earth, we could all have a great time. The time is to short for injustice, fights and wars.

Ok, there might have been wars all the time on earth, BUT today when we all know so much more about everyone. Why do we fight and why can not everyone be free? I strongly belive that freedom is the key to a better world with more understanding to the one standing next to you. Say Hi to the one next to you, talk a little and you will see that they will not harm you, you are all the same.

Do not really know if the subject has anything to do with what i finally wrote. But listen to ”know your rights with The Clash” the lyrics says so much about what happens in the world.

Now enjoy the day and remember to say Hi.

And tonight my thoughs are with all the people in Egypt. Twitter is a great place to follow and give support to all our friends around the world.